We are revolutionizing the way we fund social impact and change, by creating a coalition of advocates committed to investing in progress.


100kind is an initiative by Huemankind to repair the root causes of social injustice at the local level. Some of the most profound solutions can be found within our communities.  Yet, not every community has the same access to resources, so let's create the resources. 

We aim to invest 100k to conduct research in communities and create partnerships, then fund grassroots organizations, advocacy efforts, and targeted start-ups

that are committed to change by attacking the ROOT causes found during their research.

Then we will create policies that change systems that allow for societal problems to exist.

"You can  simultaneously want to keep our communities safe, while understanding there are systemic issues, like poverty and inequality, that case crime to persist. Let's fight this at all angles!" -Jillian Drummond, Founder (Read more)  

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From the "War on Drugs" to the Opioid Crisis...

Why seek for and address the root causes? Drug use was criminalized without address the underlying cause, without healing what leads people to drug use, without providing addiction therapy. From 1999 to 2014, there were 174, 713 deaths from opioids. From one crisis to the next.  Without addressing the root causes, social ills will continue to exist and worsen. Image Source: http://wonder.cdc.gov

Actually you can make a difference! Invest with us.

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100kind Coalition

We cannot achieve our goals alone. What may seem like a modest donation can create real change, if we do this together. Let's use a little kindness and action to help create better lives for us all. It can be done.

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