What are the benefits of becoming a Coalition Member?

In becoming a 100kind Coalition Member, you are partnering with others who want to make progressive social change in local communities across the country.  You do not have to be a member of any political party to help make better lives for yourself and others.  

As a Coalition Member, you get voting rights on which Organizations to fund at $100,000 and are the first to learn about the outcomes and results.

Why not just give to Organizations directly? 

Please contribute directly to Organizations.  However, we are streamlining the process and gathering funds to distribute to make a larger collective impact.

Where does your money go?

80% to fund Organizations & Startups

20% to Operational Expenses (management, outreach, future forums, reporting, etc.)

10% to Disaster Relief (we will contribute up to 20k during natural disasters, i.e. Hurricane Harvey, Pulse Nightclub)

~100% is used to further social progress and the public good.

How do you determine the amount of Organizations & Start-Ups that will be funded?

political affiliation

We are a non-partisan organization.  Although our stances on various issues can be considered liberal and progressive, you can be a conservative and still believe communities (as opposed to government ONLY) can provide the best solutions.  

We believe communities are the most equipped to tackle the Root causes with Visionary Change.




We are looking for Programs and/or Projects that are focused on direct impact or systemic impact through leveraging partnerships or innovation.

Application Instructions can be found here:

Apply here: 

Round I. Deadline: Friday, January 12th

Round II. Deadline: Summer 2018

If you have other questions please email: