Founded by Huemankind

simply, as humans, we Live the mission daily. removing life from injustice to fight for human survival.

Our Mission

To make humanity & equity an everyday priority in people's lives.  To provide resources to experts in the community committed to social change and progress.  To give the most disadvantaged amongst us a fighting chance, with resources and a seat at the table. To uplift communities while addressing the root causes, thereby preventing the survival of injustice.


To fund activist efforts, advocacy groups, community organizations that are committed to impactful change and systemic level change.


A Message from our founder

I've worked in Philanthropy and with Non-Profit Organizations for over a decade in Chicago, NYC, and now Baltimore!  Organizations form often in response to issues within their community. Such great vision and passion! Grassroots and local organizations are the best responders, they are often underfunded and don't have capacity. When negligent policies are passed into law, we especially need these community organizations. We are seeing another uprising of selfish, miserly tropes and policies. Except this time, there are strong groups of people who understand history, inclusion, diversity, and humanity. I truly believe that if enough of us stand firm in our communities and prepare for potentially bad policies, understand the systems that allow bad policies to persist, and be a part of change so that beneficial policies can be created... We can have everlasting impact that will uplift all of us. I cannot do it alone. No one can. Together we can make a difference now and for the future.  

We can simultaneously want to keep our communities safe, while understanding there a systemic issues, like poverty and inequality, that cause crime to persist. How can we do both? Invest and work on our own behalf but for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Have programs that keep crime off the street, while also dedicating resources for after school programs; create jobs so people have means to feed their families, and at these jobs...women are receiving equal pay and have childcare options. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if we all lived on a planet where we take care of our environment. Yes, we can live and work in a place where we are all valued and have equal opportunity no matter what we look like or believe. We are all one Huemankind™!

~Jillian Drummond, Founder of Huemankind™

areas of focus

  • Environmental Activism

  • Ending Mass Incarceration

  • Economic Equity & Diversity

  • Women's Rights

  • Worker's Rights

  • US Veteran Affairs

  • Healthcare

  • Education


  • Raising the Minimum Wage

  • Immigration

  • Indigenous Rights

  • Opioid Crisis Resolution

  • Marijuana Decriminalization

  • Refugee Safety

  • Disabled Rights

  • ... fundamental human rights for all!


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